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Anshuman Kashyap

Anshuman Kumar Mishra credited as Anshuman kashyap is an Indian writer, Blogger, Entrepreneur and an optometrist.
Born: 28 June, 1996 Sitamarhi, Bihar, India.
Residence: New Delhi (Delhi NCR)
Nationality: Indian.
Occupation: Writter, Blogger, Entrepreneur, optometrist. Alma mater: SJ public school, Sitamarhi. NsDAV public school, sitamarhi, Bihar. Sharda university, Greater Noida, UP.
Year's active : 2018.
Notable Work: AMOUR: A Journey to Find Love and Purpose of Life.
Parents: Dr. Awadhesh Kumar Mishra (father) & Savita Mishra (mother).
Height: 5ft10in.
Official Website: anshumankashyap.com

Anshuman kashyap is eldest son of Dr. Awadhesh Kumar Mishra and Savita Mishra. After accomplishment of his intermediate study he moved to Sharda University for his graduation in optometry (Primary EyeCare Practitioner).

During this time, he recognised his X -factor inside him and decided to make his career in to the writing world. He has a blind trust on a famous spiritual line that "everyone has come in this world has come for a purpose." His believes in "We need not to make our ambition, we need to recognise our ambition inside us because it has pre-decided. It has decided by God. The same thing he did in his life by becoming an author of his debut Novel AMOUR: A Journey to Find Love and Purpose of Life.

He is a big fan of most respected Indian film writer Salim Khan and internationally recognised author Paulo Coelho. With this he is a great eulogist, admirer and huge fan of the most successful and reputed Enterprenur Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari. His hobbies are to read books, watch films & travelling to natural places. He is also a huge fan of Sylvester Stallone, Tom Cruise and specially Salman Khan.

Besides of all these, he is also an entrepreneur cum blogger.

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What Our Readers Says

  • I really want to thank you mr.anshuman kashyap for writing this inspirational book...First i would like thank you for the words that you have used in your book, they are really heart touching as well as inspiring.... From your story i finally came to know that how we have to bulid up ourself, how to overcame the problems that arises in our life related to our love, aim , ambition and career... I really thank you sir..

    Yuvraj Tiwari
  • Thank you so much for the realistic and inspirational book Mr, Anshuman kashyap. The most effective part -it is in simple manner which everybody could understand easily. It mainly focus on the journey of life, love, aim. What i can catch from this beautiful book is ...we all are the beautiful creation of god....had sent us in the entire world with special skilll. if we recognize our skill within us then none of the powerful weapon can further stand infront of us. Yours amazing words will contribute a lasting effect on the readers. I really wanted to thank you.

  • Mr. Anshuman, With these beautiful and inspirational words in your book, I hope to you see you out there, touching hearts and changing mind sets. Best of luck. Thank you!

    Indira Franque
  • I must be clear from the beginning. This is perhaps the most personal review I have written. My choice Of Buying this Book was Good . Anshuman Kashyap, I believe he is amongst the best inspirational writers out there in general. This is a beautifully written book. I have let this novel marinate for a couple of days now before writing this, Thank You for the Book i Loved it. Hope You will Release Another Soon

    Ziku Banda

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